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We have 3 SQPs at Chobham Rider, who are able to offer advice on worming your horse and other strategies for controlling worm burdens. All horses and ponies are at risk of infection but pharmaceutical companies urge owners to use wormers effectively and ensure the correct dose is given and not to overuse them. The aim is to reduce the risk of resistance to the active ingredients found in wormers.

We therefore offer worm count kits, to enable you to target the horses or ponies most at risk and we can also advise on other ways to control the worm burden on pasture.

We sell a variety of wormers in our shop. Please come and see us for advice, or call us on 01276 856738.

If you would like advice on how to worm your horse or which horse wormer to use, please do come and see us. We keep many wormers in stock, including Eqvalan, Equest, Strongid P, Equimans, Panacur and combined wormers: Eqvalan Duo, Equest Pramix and Equimax. We also keep Westgate Labs Worm Count Kits in stock and can help to advise on a strategic worming programme - helping you to control your horse's worm burden whilst reducing the number of wormers you use. 

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