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Griffin HiWither Wool Half Pad With Collars

The Griffin Nuumed Hiwither Wool Half pad with Collars is very versatile and extremely hard wearing.  This pad offers a pressure relieving, breathable, comfortable layer under the saddle. The Griffin...

Le Mieux ProLambskin Half Pad

The Le Mieux 1/2 Pads are half lined with 100% natural Australian Merino lambskin.  This wool is denser and soft giving superior pressure relieving properties. The clear spine is swept...
Prolite Tri Pad Adjustable Relief Pad

Prolite Tri Pad Adjustable Relief Pad

Based on a thin wide pad to minimise bulk, this is a slimmed down version of the popular Prolite adjustable pad. The Tri-Pad provides quick and easy front or rear...

Prolite Relief Pad

Perfect for under-saddle cushioning and pressure relief, Prolite pads offer essential under-saddle cushioning that help to prevent and relieve back problems. Prolite pads absorb impact, disperse pressure points over a wider...
From £49.00

Prolite Multi Adjustable Riser

The Prolite Multi Adjustable Rider offers essential under-saddle cushioning with removable inserts at the front and back.  Prolite pads help to prevent and relieve back problems by absorbing impact, dispersing pressure...
From £69.00

Merino Wool Half Pad- Premier Equine

A Cotton Merino Wool High Whither Half Pad from Premier Equine- a great half pad for sensitive horses. Merino wool knitted onto cotton yarn gives you all the wool you...
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