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Equiami Lunging Aid

For use when lunging, the EquiAmi training aid encourages the horse to work in a soft, round outline, to work with engagement of the hindquarters, and to carry himself. It works...

Equiami Lunge Cavesson

Equiami have designed a lovely lightweight practical lungeing cavesson that is made from soft yet strong modern webbing.  Runner-up in the innovations awards at BETA 2012, this lunge cavesson has...
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Market Harborough

Market Harborough Training Aids are useful when lunging or for riding on the flat or over jumps.  It encourages a horse not to lift his head too high. Pressure is...
Kincade Chambon

Kincade Chambon

Chambon training aids encourage horses to work in a longer, lower outline, making use of the muscles over their back, quarters and neck. Chambons can be very useful for retraining...

Shires Nylon Lunge Roller with Fleece Padding

Padded nylon roller with 11 D-rings, meaning it is compatible with most training aids. The fleece lining across the top ensures that you do not need a lunge pad. Comes complete...

De Gogue Training Aid

De Gogues are useful training aids when riding or lunging to encourage the horse into a more rounded outline. Engages the bit and poll to encourage the horse to move...

Webbing Lunge Cavesson

This webbing lunge cavesson allows you to lunge with or without a bridle on. With three rings on the noseband to allow the lunge line to be attached on either...
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Leather Draw Reins

Leather draw reins with clips at one end and a buckle at the other end to make it easier to put them on and take them off.  Available in Black...
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Leather and Elastic Side Reins

Leather side reins with elastic inserts and trigger clips. These will help to encourage horses into a rounder outline, whilst allowing some stretch. Elastic insert for give between the side...
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Cotton Webbing Draw/Running Reins

Draw reins assist with encouraging a good outline and are a useful tool with some horses and ponies.  These cotton reins feature spring clips at each end and loop attachment...

Equiami Pony Grass Rein

The EquiAmi pony grass rein is easy to fit and adjust. It prevents ponies snatching the reins from their rider's hands. Made in England from quality marine rope with solid...
Elastic Training Reins

Elastic Training Reins

Elastic training aid,also known as a 'bungee'.  This aid encourages the horse to carry his head in the correct positions by applying light pressure at the poll. This training aid...

Elasticated Side Reins

Side reins made of nylon or webbing with elastic inserts, which encourage horses into a rounder outline, whilst allowing some stretch. The length is adjustable to enable them to fit different...

Lunge Rein

Soft webbing lunge line with a clip that turns so that the lunge line doesn't become twisted. Available in various colours from various manufacturers. 8m in length.
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