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Liveryman CP900 Energiser

A new energiser from Liverymajn. Suitable for equestrian use. The CP900 with constant power technology. A D cell battery back-up system, four modes of operation and staged battery warning system....
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Green Perimeter Electric Fence Tape

Super performance electric fence tape. 10 x 0.4 mm Extra thick stainless steel wire for permanent fencing - long life. All High Performance Tapes now have 2 additional strands of...
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White Electric Fence Tape

High Performance Electric Fence Tape. Sizes available are 20mm x 200m Polytape or 12.5mm x 200m. Available in different thicknesses 40mm 20mm and 12.5 mm This is a good quality electric...
From £11.99

Screw on Insulator

Liveryman screw on insulator for 40mm tape. Pack of 25. Screw on insulator for 40mm tape or 20 mm tape.  Pack of 25.  
From £11.99

Anchor Insulator

Screw in insulated anchor. Suitable for screwing into wood. Pack of four.
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Powercell Heavy Duty

Powercell Heavy Duty

Replacement Battery Suitable for a CP250 Energiser Unit.

Gate Handle

Safety gate handle with hook. Can be used as a spool to roll up polywire and tape. Safety gate handle with hook. Can be used as a spool to roll...
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