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Jeffries Falcon Bio Grip Reins

High Quality, High Flexibility, High Grip Rubber Rein by E.Jeffries.  This rein is made of a very flexible rubber middle part, with high quality leather at both ends, gving a great...

Jeffries Falcon Show Reins

The Highest Quality Show Rein by E.Jeffries.  This rein is leather on the outside, with rubber on the inside for a better grip whilst looking slim and giving less bulk.  Made...
From £108.00

Jeffries Falcon Rubber Reins

The Highest Quality Rubber Rein by E.Jeffries.  This rein is leather encased in rubber for a better grip.  Made in England by experienced craftspeople using the best quality hides. Available in...
From £83.00

Country Direct Thumb Grip Reins

A quality pair of reins designed to fit perfectly into your hands, offering grip and flexibility. Country Direct is a new name, but the people behind it have lots of...

Le Mieux Soft Rubber Reins

The LeMieux Soft Rubber Reins are beautifully soft and flexible reins that have a light feel in the riders’ hands. With raised pimple texture for additional grip and nylon lining...

Jeffries Plain Reins

This high quality Plain Rein by E.Jeffries can be used on a double bridle to give you strong reins, without too much bulk in your hands.  Made in England by experienced...
From £59.00

Albion Reins

Albion are known for making the highest quality English Made saddlery. We are stockists of Albion Bridles, Albion Saddles, Albion Girths and Albion Bridlework. We can order bridles and saddles...
From £58.50

Jeffries Wembley Nylon Lined Rubber Grip Reins

Rubber grip reins with a nylon lining to make them more flexible by quality saddlery E. Jeffries.  Available in Black and Havana in short, regular and long length. Jeffries Wembley...

Country Direct Ultra Flex Grip Reins

The Ultra Flex Grip Reins offer a perfect in between grip. For those who don't like the hardness of a traditional Leather rubber grip rein or the softness of a...

Jeffries Wembley Rubber Grip Reins

Quality Economy Rubber Grip Rein The Jeffries Wembley range is a quality economy leather range.  Using English Leather Selected by Jeffries, the these sturdy bridles offer excellent value for money. ...

Velociti Rapida Pro Suregrip Reins

Velociti RAPIDA suregrip reins provide extra security via the high grip texture. The rubber pimple grips have raised rubber bars allow good traction and flexibility in the hand. Nylon core...

Aviemore Continental Rubber Grip Reins

These continental reins feature anti-slip rubber grips. With hook stud billets and stainless steel fittings.
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