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Freejump Soft Up Pro Premium

Freejump Soft Up Pro Stirrups combine comfort, safety and grip in a great looking, lightweight stirrup. With an angled tread and an offset eye, the stirrups are comfortable and secure...
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Freejump Soft Up Pro

Freejump Soft Up Pro Stirrups combine comfort, safety and grip in a great looking, lightweight stirrup. With an angled tread and an offset eye, the stirrups are comfortable and secure...

Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrups

Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrups help to achieve an improved leg position. The weight ratio on the Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrups results in perfect balance and great comfort for the rider....

Sprenger System 4 Stirrups

Herm Sprenger System 4 Stirrups offer security, flexibility, strength and comfort! This international, patent-pending style consists of four links allowing for movement in four directions at the same time, enabling...

Freejump Soft Up Lite

Inspired by the Freejump Soft up Pro, the Soft Up Lite stirrups give younger riders an advanced riding experience. Freejump stirrups have several advantages over traditional stirrups: They are lightweight The...

Albion Wrapped Stirrup Leathers

Albion's very popular super soft, non-stretch leathers. Designed to be slimline to reduce any bulk under the riders's leg. The Albion Wrapped Stirrup Leathers are extremely soft.  They are made...

Jeffries Premium Stirrup Leathers

Highest quality English leather stirrup leathers. Made of the finest quality English Bridle leather, Jeffries Premium Stirrup Leathers are made to very exacting standards by experienced craftsmen.  All hides for...
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Jeffries Wembley Stirrup Leathers

Jeffries Wembley quality stirrup leathers.  Excellent quality economy leathers in one length 54" A superb economy but quality stirrup leather, made using English Leather selected by E. Jeffries.

Jeffries Wembley Pro Stirrup Leathers

Jeffries half hole soft wrapped stirrup leathers for a soft slimline leather that will not stretch. Available in 48", 54" and 60" lengths. A superb economy soft, stretch resist stirrup...

Jeffries Childs Stirrup Leathers

Highest quality Jeffries stirrup leathers for children. Made from the best quality English bridle leather for strong, leathers that will last. Available in 48" length in 2 widths - use a...
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Jeffries Eldonian Fillis Irons

Designed for Dressage Fillis Stirrup Irons are high quality Stainless Steel and are super polished. They are slightly heavier than hunting irons.  They come complete with white fillis treads.

Jeffries Pilch Stirrup Leathers

Young Children's stirrup leathers. 36" in length for young children. 36" in length and 3/4" wide, these young children's pilch leathers are perfect for little legs so that you do...

Jeffries Eldonian Simplex Stirrups

Bent Leg, Safety Stirrups. Simplex Stirrup irons are bent on the outside to enable a quick foot release in case of a fall.  Eldonian Stirrups are high quality Stainless Steel...

Jeffries Eldonian Peacock Safety Stirrups

Safety Stirrups for Children Peacock Irons have a rubber ring on the outside, enabling children to feel secure in the stirrup, whilst easlity coming away in a fall.  This prevents...

Wintec Slimline Stirrup Leathers

Wintec slimline stirrup leathers are constructed from a strong leather look material that will not stretch. These leathers also feature a patented slimline buckle that helps to remove the bulk...

Fillis Stirrup Treads

Spare Treads for Fillis Irons. Available in Black and White. Spare Treads for Fillis Irons

Moulded Rubber Treads

Spare Treads, available in black. Fitting Hunting Irons and Peacock Irons.  From various suppliers.
Peacock Rings

Peacock Rings

Spare rubbers for Peacock Safety Stirrups A spare pair of rubber rings for Peacock Safety Stirrups.  From various suppliers.
Peacock Tabs

Peacock Tabs

Spare tabs for Peacock Safety Stirrups A spare pair of leather tabs for Peacock Safety Stirrups. From various suppliers.
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