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Red Gorilla Big Tidee with Rake

Red Gorilla Big Tidee with Rake

A really easy method of collecting droppings in the stable, yard and at shows. Also frequently used in the paddock backed up with a barrow. Available in lots of colours,...


More than a haynet, the Elim-a-net is designed to reduce consumption of hay and haylage by slowing down hungry ponies and horses. The inner net design creates a physical barrier which alters...
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Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer

Every horse owner should have one in the tack box. Allows you to accurately take the temperature of your horse. Compact design.
Supreme Products Horse Care Natural Tea Tree Body Wipes

Supreme Products Horse Care Natural Tea Tree Body Wipes

These wipes from Supreme Products are a refreshing alternative to bathing and can be used to freshen as well as clean. These hygienic wipes contain the natural antiseptic Tea Tree...
Weigh Tape

Weigh Tape

Weigh Tapes are extremely handy when assessing the approximate weight of your horse or pony for worming, or for assessing how much of a feed or supplements to give them....
Gold Label Pig Oil 500ml

Gold Label Pig Oil 500ml

Easy to apply application of pig oil. Useful for helping to prevent mud fever by creating a barrier to the skin, this mixture is also useful to use on horses and...

Feed Bucket Cover

Nylon feed bucket cover with elastic to keep it safely on your feed bucket.

Plastic Feed Bucket

Plastic bucket with handle. This is a low sided bucket ideal for mixing most common materials and feeds. Because it is low sided it is perfect as a feed bucket....

Plastic Water Bucket

 Plastic water bucket with handle. ProStable Plastic Water Bucket, holds 3 gallons or approximately 13.5 litres. Available in various colours. These are the least brittle water buckets we have found...less...

Junior Dandy Brush

Versatile and hard wearing polypropylene Dandy Brushes. Ideal for removing stubborn mud and debris.  Lacquered, roached wooden back. Size: 186 x 64mm.
Eye and Ear Wipes

Eye and Ear Wipes

A safe and gentle way to remove discharge from the eyes and noses of horses and ponies. These pH balanced wipes have been formulated for eyes and ears of dogs, cats...

Hoof Pick Brush

Sturdily built, high quality hoof pick made from stainless steel with a plastic body. 
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