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Bremsen Long Acting Fly Spray- Extra Strong

Bremsen Classic Long Acting liquid, is a very popular, extra strong smelling fly repellent. It's a very effective deterrent against undesirable insects such as horseflies, ticks, blackflies and mosquitoes. Bremsen...
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Leovet Power Phaser Durative

Leovet Power Phaser Durativ

Fly repellent gel from Levoet for full protection. 500ml. Containing a high concentration of active ingredients, Leovet Power Phaser Durative is an insect repellent gel that protects the horse against...
Leovet No Rub

Leovet No Rub

Leovet no-Rub helps to lift dandruff and reducing itchiness so preventing frayed long hair, bald tail root and short, unsightly manes.  No Rub also encourages shiny and healthy hair. 500ml....
Leovet Power Phaser Roll On

Leovet Power Phaser Roll On

Total protection against all insects and horseflies, mosquitoes, flies and ticks Tested and approved by the Swiss Institute for Tropical Medicine: Giving seven hours of protection, even if your horse...

Leovet Power Phaser

Total protection against all insects and horse flies. Giving seven hours of protection, even if your horse sweats, Leovet Power Phaser is a strong, effective insect repellent.  With an optimised...
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Leovet Treats

A tasty blend of highly nutritious cereal, vitamins and minerals. These treats contain easy to digest carbohydrates from maize, grains and legumes to help provide the energy necessary for an...
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