Changeable weather makes it very difficult to know which rug, if any, to put on your horse or pony. BETA (British Equestrian Trade Association) have created a useful guide to which weight of rug might be appropriate in different temperatures, depending on whether or not your horse is clipped and whether in the stable or the field.

Every horse is different however, and some horses may need fewer rugs than their stable mates, depending on age, condition, level of work and feeding regime.

Of course, there may be a limit to the number of rugs you want your horse to have even though it is a well known fact that most horses are better dressed than their owners 😅

To help, many rugs are now compatible with liners, which makes adding warmth much easier. The Weatherbeeta Comfitec rugs are liner compatible with liners available in 100g and 200g weights.

The Arika rugs from Le Mieux also have the option to add a liner. These rugs will be arriving soon and offer both stable and turnout rugs with an optional liner.

A 100g stable rug is also very useful piece to have in your horse's wardrobe. Great for spring and autumn (and also November this year 😉), a lightweight quilt can also be used under a thicker stable rug when the weather is really cold. We have options from both Weatherbeeta and Shires, depending on your preference.

For colder weather, medium or heavy weight stable rugs with detachable necks allow you to rug up with options for whether to use the neck for additional warmth.  

When riding, you may wish to use a waterproof exercise rug. These keep your horse dry and means that you can put on their normal rug after your ride, rather than having to wait whilst a cooler helps them to dry first.

We have hi-viz and plain options in exercise rugs.

If you need any help with which rugs to use, please ask. We are always happy to help.