BETA Summer of Safety #BSOS23

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This is the third year of the highly successful campaign that was designed to help inspire, educate and encourage people to embrace safety in all areas of their equestrian life, to help keep themselves and their horses safer. This year, the Summer of Safety already has a huge amount of support behind it.

The summer long campaign will include in person events, lives and online content from riders, manufacturers, equestrian bodies, BETA’s CMO Dr Diane Fisher, and more.

Topics being covered range from yard safety tips, bio-security, hi-viz standards, feed room safety, body protectors, riding hats and more......

We are really pleased to be involved in this initiative designed to put rider safety firmly on the map by highlighting the importance of safety gear and equipment that is:

A great fit
It should be professionally fitted and not just left to chance. One size really does not fit all – so no sharing hats or body protectors, or making do with those that are too large or too small.

Fastened correctly
Wear it well and your garment will do its very best to keep you as safe as possible. Hats with loose harnesses, flapping chin straps or unfastened body protectors cannot possibly do the job they were designed for.

Up to standard
Your riding hats, body protectors and hi-viz gear should meet the appropriate safety standards for the activity you are involved in. Don't take any chances!

For the month of July, we are offering a trade-in on riding hats. Bring in your old hat for a discount on a new riding hat*

We will also be sharing safety tips from BETA and various suppliers to make sure you have the right equipment, that is fitted correctly and is up to standard.