If you are taking part in any Pony Club activities this year that require a body protector, your body protector must conform the BETA 2009 Standard, LEVEL 3. All of our body protectors conform to this standard (and have done for a number of years). If you are in any doubt, please do not hesitate to come in and ask us.

The Pony Club do not require riders to wear body protectors for all activities - they leave that as a personal decision. However, if you are taking part in Cross Country, or Pony Racing, you must wear a body protector.

An increasing number of riders are wearing body protectors in everyday situations due to the protection they offer, and often riders find that they are more confident, and therefore ride better, when they are wearing one.

Body Protectors are now much more flexible and lightweight than their predecessors, so if you last tried one 5 years ago, you will find them much more comfortable now.


The purpose of Body Protectors

Body protectors are designed to offer protection to a rider if they fall off, are kicked or trodden on by a horse. No body protector can prevent serious injury in every situation, but they can reduce the severity of injuries. 

The correct fitting of a body protector is essential, so we would recommend that you have one professionally fitted, preferably at Chobham Rider!

Air Jackets

Air jackets are different from body protectors. They can provide an extra layer of protection but offer a different type of protection. They inflate if the rider is separated from the saddle and provide additional cushioning during a fall, especially around the neck and lower back.

They do only inflate if the rider is separated from the saddle so may not inflate if the horse and rider fall together. Therefore, for more complete protection, air jackets should be worn over the top of a BETA 2009 Level 3 Body Protector.

As noted above, if you are taking part in cross country or pony racing in the pony club, British Eventing or the riding club, you must wear a BETA 2009 Level 3 body protector and may wear an air jacket over the top.

Our Body Protectors

We select our products very carefully and body protectors especially so. We are proud to fit Airowear and Racesafe Body protectors. We have 2 styles or Airowear Body Protector and 2 styles of Racesafe Body protector in stock (the new PROVENT 3.0 having just been introduced
and proving to be very popular as it is lighter weight and breathable but remains protective)

We can normally fit all body shapes as the body protectors come in many sizes, with a certain amount of adjust-ability. Also, both companies make their body protectors in the UK and we can order bespoke sizes.

We also stock Point Two and Hit Air air jackets.

We would always recommend having a body protector professionally fitted, rather than buying online. To browse our selection of body protectors, click here

As always, we are happy to talk to customers about your needs and the sort of riding you do to try to work out the best solution for you. Please just pop in, call us on 01276 856738 or email shop@chobhamrider.com