At the end of 2015, the EN1384 standard was withdrawn. This means that any hat that has ONLY this safety standard now effectively does not conform to a current riding hat safety standard. EN1384 was not necessarily withdrawn because of any particular safety concerns, it was just deemed to be out of date as it had been in place since 1996.

What happens now?
If you compete, you will need to ensure that your hat meets the competition authority's rules. Most bodies have updated their advice since January 1st 2016 to require hats to conform to one of the following standards:

  • PAS 015 1998 or 2011
  • SNELL E2001
  • ASTM-F1163 2004a with the SEI mark (American standard)
  • AS/NZS 3838: 2006 with SAI global mark (Australian Standard)

The bodies that require the standards listed above include the Pony Club, Riding Clubs, British Eventing, British Showjumping and BHS Approved Riding Centres

British Dressage, RDA and most of the showing bodies have given the EN1384 standard another year, allowing use of them until the end of 2016.

Please note, if your hat has the EN1384 as well as at least one of the other standards mentioned above, it is still eligible for use.

Riding Hat style
If you compete cross country, you must wear a jockey skull cap rather than a hat with a peak. This is also the case for racing, including pony racing and mounted games.

Riding at home
If you do not compete or take part in organised activities, such as sponsored rides etc, you do not need to change your hat because of these changes. However, you may be advised to check any insurance policies you have to make sure you cover is eligible when using an EN1384 hat. It should also be noted that The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) recommends that riders have a hat that conforms to the PAS 015, ASTM or SNELL standard.

Recently purchased a hat?
When the withdrawal of the EN1384 rule was announced at the end of 2014, we stopped generally selling hats with only that standard. Therefore if you have purchased a hat from us within the last year you should have a hat with the current standards.

If you do need a new hat, remember hats should be replaced every 3-5 years, and straight away if you have a fall. You only have one head so it is best to look after it.

We always have trained hat fitters in our shop and are always on hand for any advice or help you might need. If you are in any doubt, please just pop in with your hat. Our hats prices start at £59.99.

Pony Club riding hat rules 2016 (downloadable PDF)
British Dressage (downloadable PDF)
British Eventing 
British Riding Club (downloadable PDF)
British Showjumping