If you dislike poopicking or mucking out, this new product could be just the thing for you. Using technology first developed by NASA, Galactichorseco have developed a new fork that actually attracts horse's manure, thus making the job of clearing fields and stables much easier.

A revolutionary coating draws poo to the fork by using electronic potential between the manure and the fork. This causes the manure and fork to vibrate at high frequency and the fork effectively draws the manure to it, making mucking out a 5 minute job. Dr Jonathon O. King, from Chobham in Surrey, adapted the new technology to equine use . Dr J.O.King said "My wife rides horses and I have listened to her complain about the poo picking for years and years. When I realised that I could help reduce this unpleasant task to a mere few minutes, I was absolutely over the moon. John Deere have approached me with a view to making the technology more widely available so watch this space!"

Watch an example of how it works 


Technical Details:

The sulphides released from poo into the surroundings activate the purpose built synthetic resin (Sulphides are present in high concentrations in manure as they are volatile compounds - and the sulphides make poo smell). This induces an electronic potential between the resin and the metal alloy in the fork. This causes the fork prongs to vibrate at high frequency (over 20,000 Hz - ultrasound). The composite metal ratios are tuned to make the frequency of the vibration of the fork equal to resonant frequency of lycopene (abundant in human poo and is not volatile so remains in the solid poo). This causes the lycopene in poo too also vibrate strongly. Due to an effect called resonant bi-harmonicity the poo and the fork develop a strong interaction (remarkably quickly) and the poo accelerates towards the fork until it hits the fork at which point the poo is deactivated and ceases to resonate.

This technology was developed by NASA in an attempt to efficiently pack spaceman poo when it can't be discharged into space by coating space toilets with this resin.