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Ukraine Appeal

🇺🇦Help us to support Ukraine 🇺🇦 We are donating to the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal for Ukraine for all clothing purchased until the end of March.
We are all deeply affected and concerned by the situation in Ukraine. We as a business wish to do everything we can to help. We have decided to do 3 things:
1. We will donate 5% of the proceeds from all sales of clothes in our shop until the end of March to the DEC.
2. We will donate 5% of the proceeds from all sales of horse wear (rugs, saddle pads, boots and bandages etc) to the British Equestrians for Ukraine Fund until the end of March  
3. We are going to become a drop off point for much needed items for refugees. We know that winter coats are required and will publish a full list of items that you can donate later. But in the mean time, if you have clean winter coats for men, women and children, do bring them into us. We will organise to get them to a hub where they will be given to refugees.

Many of you will have seen the calls on social media for assistance for the horses and horse owners of the Ukraine. There are heart breaking stories of horses being released loose as their owners flee, stables being subject to missile attack as well as issues of supply for those that remain. There are currently 700 horses being kept in the Hippodrome in Kiev whilst the supply chain to hay supplies is about to be cut off by the advancing Russian army.

BETA together with British Equestrian, the BHS and World Horse Welfare have this week been working on assisting both for the short and long term and have united to form ‘British Equestrians for Ukraine’ which aims to help horses and their owners caught up in the crisis created by the Russian invasion. 

British Equestrians for Ukraine has been set up to help facilitate a supply chain to meet the immediate need for goods on the ground as well as raising money to help purchase supplies and cover the costs associated with transport. 

World Horse Welfare have set up the British Equestrians for Ukraine Fund on their website where direct donations can be made by individuals or organisations. Donations, no matter how small, will help the fund to work with trusted, local partners, including the Ukraine and Polish Federations and recognised charities to provide emergency support.

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