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Luna Unicorn by Jellycat

Luna Unicorn is a sweet cream dream, and a magical pal to all. Waving a sparkling rose-gold horn, this soft-hoofed sweetheart loves to gallop round the garden. Luna's short vanilla...
From £30.00
Skandoodle Unicorn by Jellycat

Skandoodle Unicorn by Jellycat

For a quirky, calming touch of magic, bring Skandoodle Unicorn home to stay. This latte lovely has a tweedy tum and long skinny limbs with soft sewn hooves. Her rose-gold...

Fuddlewuddle Donkey by Jellycat

When it comes to dreaming, Fuddlewuddle Donkey is hoof and tail above the rest! This drowsy donkey just loves a good lie-in - that’s how his coat got so sweetly...
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Pitterpat Unicorn by Jellycat

Pitterpat Unicorn by Jellycat

Make a wish for a magical friend and Pitterpat Unicorn appears! Lollopy, gallopy and gorgeous, this soft cream unicorn is here to start the party! With a stunning shock of...

Dainty Unicorn by Jellycat

Galloping in on a shimmering breeze, it's Dainty Unicorn! Soft, scruffly and full of spells, he's a magical friend for any boy or girl. His pearly pink hooves match that...
From £18.00

Divine Unicorn by Jellycat

Divine Unicorn is all wrapped up, ready for winter in the enchanted forest! Cantering along on silver hooves, with her shining horn to light the way, she shakes her soft...
From £17.00
Prancing Pony Palamino by Jellycat

Prancing Pony Palamino by Jellycat

We know and you know that Prancing Pony Palomino is a star. Velvety-soft in butterscotch fur, this speedy pony is a champion racer! Wearing her apple-red satin rosette, she proudly...

Fuddlewuddle Unicorn by Jellycat

Fuddlewuddle Unicorn is filled with enchantment! This creamy, scruffly unicorn is bubbling over with magic adventures! Her sparkly horn has the shimmer of stardust, and her mane and tale are...
From £12.00
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