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Aluspray forms an aluminium powder barrier to protect wounds and sensitive skin to help them heal. Aluspray forms a protective barrier over cuts ensuring dirt, bacteria and fungi, moisture and insects cannot cause...

Aqueos Anti-Bacterial Tack And Disinfectant Wipes

Aqueos anti-bacterial wipes kill bacteria fungi & viruses including strangles and ringworm quickly. The wipes are alcohol free, fast acting and the disinfectant continues to work after application. Easily removes dirt...
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Aqueos Stable Disinfectant

Stable & multi-use disinfectant that is powerful but safe to use. Aqueous Stable Disinfectant kills bacteria, fungi and viruses, including strangles and ringworm. The spray bottle can be sprayed directly...
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Cleanround Safe Hands Sanitiser Gel

CleanRound Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser is the most advanced sanitiser available. Scientifically tested to naturally remove and eradicate potential harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi and other microbes. For the most effective defence...
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Derma Gel

Wound gel that encourages faster healing.  Derma Gel also maintains a moist wound environment to prevent scab formation. 100ml tube. A must-have for your first aid kit.  Derma GeL® helps...
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Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer

Every horse owner should have one in the tack box. Allows you to accurately take the temperature of your horse. Compact design.
Equine America Fungatrol No Rinse Body Wash

Equine America Fungatrol No Rinse Body Wash

An anti-fungal and anti-bacterial no rinse wash from Equine America. Fungatrol no rinse body wash is non irritant, with powerful Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial ingredients. Available in 500ml

Horse Crocz

Horsecrocz are worn over dressings such as a poultice to protect the dressing from scraping and general wear and tear. Horsecrocz can be reused many times making it a cost...
Keratex Mud Shield Powder

Keratex Mud Shield Powder

Puff Keratex Mud Shield Powder onto horse’s legs for a cleansing and waterproofing action on legs which are prone to scabs and broken skin in wet and muddy conditions. This...

Latex Examination Gloves

Latex disposable gloves supplied in a handy dispenser box. Extremely close fitting, ambidextrous and with excellent dexterity. Tested for food use. Lightly powdered using USP grade corn starch.
NAF Aloe Vera Purple Spray

NAF Aloe Vera Purple Spray

A non-aerosol, gentle spray that supports the natural healing of broken or chaffed skin, minor cuts and abrasions. Also helps to discourage flies from open wounds. 240ml. A non-aerosol, gentle...
NAF Arnica Gel

NAF Arnica Gel

A cooling gel that helps to soothe minor strains, sprains and bruising following muscular exertion, a knock or blow. 400g. A cooling gel that helps to soothe minor strains, sprains...
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